Our aim is to become the go-to technology partner for our clients. Our mission is to achieve this by drawing on our core principles.


Quadbridge Inc. is a leading-edge, full-service IT Solution partner that specializes in hardware and software supply to medium and large enterprise clients in both the U.S. and Canada. Whether your company needs are simply hardware or a fully integrated IT solution, our experienced account managers are able to customize a
strategy tailored to your company needs.



What We offer

Hardware & Software Procurement

The best technologies from the leading brands,
we have what you’re looking for at the price you need.


CapEx is out, OpEx is in. We find creative solutions to financing challenges.


We make sure the technology you purchased works the way it’s meant to and that your IT environment is managed securely, efficiently and economically. We call this Quadbridge as a Service (QBaaS).


We don’t move boxes, we ship solutions.

What our clients have to say

“As a “preferred vendor” Quadbridge has assisted the USO in best value buying, outstanding customer service and delivery excellence for IT, Electronics & Gaming.

This in turn has helped the USO keep America’s military service members connected to Family, Home & Country, throughout their service to the nation. We thank you for assisting us with our mission!”11

“Quadbridge provides an exceptional turn-around time when placing orders. In addition the company provides rapid shipping of products, with cost-efficient pricing. As a client, I can honestly state that ‘you can’t go wrong with Quadbridge.'”cactus software

“Quadbridge has been our preferred hardware and software partner for many years, they have provided and helped us with a multitude of hardware/software acquisitions as well as deployments for our offices spanning North America and Europe. Their service team, as well their tools for management and monitoring have been excellent and their architects have been instrumental in helping us with the migration to their hosted cloud environment.”


“I trust my rep at Quadbridge to make sure I get the best prices on the equipment my business needs to stay ahead.”


“Quadbridge, it’s where the IT Pros go.”


“I have been shifting more and more of my business to Quadbridge.  They consistently offer competitive pricing coupled with stellar customer service which are two invaluable assets for my organization.“


“I know that when I request a quote it comes in at the lowest price they can afford to give us, which allows us, as a Government agency, to make the best of our limited funds, managing the taxpayers monies wisely. 

I have a really awesome relationship with my rep, and he knows that if he cannot match or beat the price of something I will still come back because of his honesty and integrity. He has given me priceless information on some orders and has helped me find what I need when I need it, and allows me to look good to my internal customers here at Metro Nashville Davidson County Government.

The items Quadbridge sells are top notch, even the brands I am not used to seeing.”

“Thanks to their flexibility, Quadbridge was able to assist Ampla instantaneously and helped make the conversion seamless. Ampla Health was very happy with their expertise and customer support and would not hesitate to use their services in the future.”


Our account managers are here to help you choose the right solution for your business.