Our values

Quadbridge cares

Quadbridge is a service company founded on 6 core principles that drive us to succeed every day:


This is our guiding principle.
The greatest rewards at Quadbridge are derived from offering tangible value to our colleagues and our business partners.


We espouse honest, transparent and open communication both within our walls as well as outside them.


Creativity is an absolute necessity for out of the box thinking. We challenge the status quo until we’re confident we can deliver the extraordinary.


We will get the answers you want and always try to find the solutions you need.
On time. Every time.


We feel that understanding the needs of others allows us to serve their needs better.
That’s why we care.


Follow through and responsiveness are instrumental to our success.

Giving back

Let’s Bond

Let’s Bond is a Montreal collective raising funds & awareness on mental health issues. Over the past 5 years, it has helped raised over 400 000$ for the Mental Illness & Douglas Foundations.

Mission Brewery

The Old Brewery Mission works with Montreal’s homeless people, meeting their essential needs while finding practical and sustainable solutions designed to end homelessness as we know it.

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