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December 7, 2020
July 21, 2022
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Simplify Office 365 License Management & Reporting

How a Single Pane of Glass Helps Admins

When admins can partition permissions, assign licenses and monitor usage from a single vantage point, processes are more efficient, secure and easy to analyze.

  • Improves Cost-Efficiency
  • Accelerates Workflows
  • Tightens Security
  • Deepens Insights
“CoreView enables us to create reports on information we were never able to see before… and easily identify inactive or disabled accounts.” – Daniel Park, Information Systems Manager at The Wonderful Company

Streamlined Licensing Oversight

Supports Automated Workflows

  • Options for automated provisioning and deprovisioning processes help you keep licenses and access up-to-date.

Reduces License Waste

  • End overspending on inactive, oversized and duplicate licenses by finding them quickly and relocating them efficiently.

Encourages Customization

  • CoreAdmin not only comes with built-in webform-based actions, it also allows you to embed custom PowerShell scripts.

Secure Access & Delegation

Offers Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

  • CoreAdmin lets you control access to any aspect of the management interface, including PowerShell scripts and reporting.

Improves Security & Autonomy

  • The ability to segment tenants into virtual subtenets lowers the number of people with global admin rights without limiting business unit autonomy.

Robust Reporting

Includes Reports Out of the Box

  • CoreView offers more than 175 reports that you can customize.

Facilitates Metadata Analysis

  • With CoreAdmin, you can run reports by function, cost center, and other metadata to quickly find vulnerabilities and savings opportunities.

Keeping your Office 365 licenses up-to-date can be difficult. Our QBx Portal helps you stay organized.

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