MindManager for Microsoft Teams

Get the right things done faster, better, and more connected with MindManager for Microsoft Teams.

Bring clarity and structure to plans, projects, and processes. Transform scattered ideas and information into dynamic visual mind maps, flowcharts, concept maps, matrices, and other diagrams.

What is MindManager for Microsoft Teams?

MindManager for Microsoft Teams integrates the visual working power of MindManager with the robust communication capabilities of Microsoft Teams. It helps users more effectively and productively collaborate, share, and organize business critical information.

  • Transform scattered information into actionable plans – quickly and intuitively transform scattered ideas and data into dynamic visual mind maps, flowcharts, timelines, and other diagrams.
  • Go from concept to execution in a single MindManager file and within Microsoft Teams channels – New MindManager maps & diagrams can be created with just a few clicks via the embedded editor. Teams group members can facilitate dynamic planning, brainstorming, whiteboarding and more without ever leaving the app.
  • Co-edit effortlessly – co-editing is auto-enabled whenever two or more Teams group members open the same map. Spark instant engagement, develop concepts and plans together in real time, and move projects forward.  
  • Keep tasks and projects in view – each MindManager tab has its own discussion thread to enable ongoing conversations and maintain transparency.

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