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View and manage your Microsoft 365 software assets through one platform.

Simplify Microsoft License Management and Reporting with QBx Portal

Office 365 is the most widely used cloud service by user count, yet 56% of licenses are underutilized.

Keeping your Microsoft 365 licenses up-to-date can be difficult. Our QBx Portal helps you stay organized.

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Let IT teams focus on what is important

An automated, accurate process can help IT departments save significant money with only a small investment of time. In addition, IT teams spend too much time on basic administrative tasks, putting a drag on productivity and profit. QBx Portal frees up your administrators to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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Purchasing M365 from Quadbridge Has Benefits

Maybe the best thing about QBx Portal is that it’s completely free when you purchase Microsoft 365 licenses from Quadbridge.

In addition, Quadbridge offers a free M365 Health Check where we analyze your M365 tenant and deliver a free report.

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Why Worry About Software License Management?
Save Money
Software licenses don’t stop costing money just because you don’t use them. Ensure that you pay for only the services you require with QBx Portal.
Optimize Workflows
With QBx Portal you can ensure that each employee has the permissions necessary to do their job completely without waste.
Avoid Fees
QBx Portal can also let you know whether you’re in compliance with Microsoft’s terms of service, so you can avoid incurring hefty fees for noncompliance.
Improve Security
QBx Portal ensures that your licenses and software is up to date, ensuring protection against known exploits.

Why Choose QBx Portal for Microsoft 365 Software License Management?

Unified Account Management

Managing licenses for Office 365 software products can be a full-time job.

When you work with Quadbridge’s M365 software license managers, you’ll have a single, dedicated point of contact for all your Office 365 software licensing needs.

No more worrying about renewal dates and service management. If you have an Office 365 licensing issue, call one phone number to resolve it immediately.

M365 License Management

Mitigate security and compliance risks with granular RBAC

Incidents such as security breaches, compromised passwords, and ransomware can seriously impact your Office 365 user experience. Not only that, but you’ll also face compliance issues.

QBx Portal enables role-based access control (RBAC) to give IT departments more flexibility over who can access what. This allows you to grant global permissions to only those that need it and more restricted access to others that don’t. You can even restrict access by country. More granular controls mean less risk.

Ensure user and license compliance with Quadbridge.

Custom Reporting Simplified

It’s one thing to know how your Office 365 tools are being used, but it’s another to know who is using them.

The QBx Portal helps you manage access while providing you with accurate, customized reporting. Some of the benefits are:

  • Calculations for costs by license pool
  • Segmentation for multiple sub-tenants
  • Delegate administrative rights securely
  • Access to over 200 customizable reports
QBx Portal Microsoft 365 License Management

Remain GDPR Compliant

How safe is your Office 365 user data? QBx Portal helps to keep your sensitive information out of harm’s way by identifying potential areas of concern within Office 365.

Keep your business GDPR-compliant with these helpful features:

  • Identify potential obstacles with AI
  • Rapid responses to Subject Access Requests
  • Automation for Right to Be Forgotten requests
  • Thorough removal of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Simplify chargebacks for better accuracy

Finance teams spend excessive time using manual processes to track software usage in order to charge back licenses to internal departments.

QBx Portal automatically gathers data from your licensing portals and produces a customized
report that groups users and usage by your chargeback departments, enabling finance teams to quickly assign software licensing costs in minutes instead of hours.

Discover Shadow IT

According to Gartner, shadow IT accounts for 30–40% of IT spending in large enterprises, with Everest Group reporting more than 50%. Easily discover if unapproved applications and tools are being used and by whom, to ensure that software usage conforms to your policies.

Services to Support Software License Management
Professional Services
Need more support than just software license management? Quadbridge offers a full suite of IT services through our professional & managed service provider, DTM.

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QB Zero Touch
If your business hires employees remotely, Quadbridge can set them up with work devices. Include company shirts, hats, and more for a personal touch.

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Automate Visiblity into Your M365 Usage

Take a closer look at the benefits of streamlined licensing oversight


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Why Choose Quadbridge for Software License Management?

With QBx Portal, you can manage your Microsoft 365 licenses with minimal effort. With Quadbridge’s software license management solution, you will:

  • Save money by eliminating unused software licenses
  • Optimize workflows by ensuring each employee has the permissions necessary to get the job done
  • Avoid fees from noncompliance with Microsoft terms of service
  • Improve security by keeping your licenses and software up to date

QBx Portal is the easiest way to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from Microsoft 365 for the lowest price. Gain full visibility into your Microsoft 365 distribution with QBx Portal.

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