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Managing IT security is not only keeping your business safe but also your customers. IT security as a service gives your organization defences against malicious cyber threats and guards critical infrastructure against hackers.

Failing security standards can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information. Not only is sensitive data on the line, but also your company's reputation.

IT security management services that identify and correct security vulnerabilities are necessary for defending your business.

The threats of cyber-attacks also affect the businesses themselves. The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million dollars according to IBM. Can you afford not to have the best IT security managed services you can afford?

What is IT Security Services?

IT security is managing and securing IT processes against the dangers of leaked data or malicious activity on critical systems. Identify and secure known dangers and we can begin to harden systems.

IT security service providers identify and secure known dangers and we can begin to harden systems.

IT security support services are not just concerned with the protection of one particular area - organizations should have best practices policies that secure networks, applications, and all other areas that are IT-based.

What Kind of Security Do I Have to Think About?

IT security as a service isn't just one field - it is a range of specialisms which includes:

  • Hardening the network
  • Protecting the devices you use, such as laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • Managing how you connect to and use the internet
  • Defending the applications that are necessary to complete your work.

Ironclad information security is difficult to guarantee, but securing these areas against cyber-attacks can stop hackers from gaining access to the network of your organization and the sensitive data stored there.

What are the Challenges for IT Security?

Threats to cybersecurity grow more difficult to challenge every year. Managed IT security service providers have awareness of different attacks that businesses face from cyber-attacks underpins successful security policies and protects sensitive data.

Developing an IT security strategy with the help of an IT security service provider requires both IT professionals and non-IT users to understand the risks. Research shows that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. Defending vulnerabilities is not enough when it comes to IT security services. Users need to understand the malicious world of malware as well.

Reputation is on the Line

The average data breach costs $3.86m, but the costs to company reputations can be even worse. Around 40% of the costs incurred by a data breach come from the negative effects on reputations - these problems don’t go away overnight and they can cause long-term problems for all businesses. Protecting your data is more than just protecting revenue.

Safely Moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular each year, with an estimated 94% of all enterprises using some form of cloud platform every day.

A lack of proper IT security in the cloud can easily lead to data breaches. However, these issues can be mitigated by partnering with a reliable IT security service provider.

IT Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

Phishing is the use of emails and phone calls to acquire sensitive information like passwords. When a hacker has this information, they can access networks and cause serious issues for cyber-security teams.

Phishing scammers are becoming more skilled at tricking people into sharing sensitive data.

Partnering with a reputable security service IT provider will help you make your team aware of phishing and stop the threat of digital intruders.

What Happens If I Don't Defend Against Threats?

Failing to defend against threats to IT security can give attackers access to a network and can lead to serious threats to sensitive data and personal security.

This unchecked risk can lead to serious implications on your business as more employees are moving to remote working and are relying on the internet to work. Effective management of networks can lead to great boosts in the race to protect your business from attackers.

IT security audit services can help you create an effective network management strategy that will improve your data defences.

IT Security Challenges in Statistics

Identifying cyber-threats is the first step to developing effective policies for cyber-security. Many attacks go undetected for more than 6 months due to poor information security infrastructure or inadequate technology being used to defend against threats.

  • Human error causes 95% of cyber-security breaches (Cybint)
  • 75% of companies faced phishing attacks in 2020 (Tessian)
  • 45% of data breaches are caused by hacking, 22% by phishing, and 17% by malware (Verizon)
  • The average cost of a data breach was $3.86 million in 2020 (IBM)
  • The average payment made to a ransomware hacker has risen by 33% (Fintech News)
  • Cyber-crime costs as much as $6 trillion a year (Cybersecurity Ventures)

IT Security Consulting Services That Help You

Taking measures to improve your IT security will save your business from the risk of large financial losses and data breaches. Management of sensitive data is important for developing a secure and safe network security policy, which includes having the appropriate tools and solutions for the job. IT security services companies have direct access to these and other tools to help bolster the defence of your data.

Use The Best IT Security Solutions

Getting the most effective IT security monitoring services to defend your company means you can get access to the best intelligence and remediation processes as well as excellent threat detection. Improve your company's ability to detect attacks and massively reduce the number you face with proactive IT security assessment services.

Secure Remote Workers

As more people connected to work remotely, the risk of cyber-attacks on people working from home increased. A lack of a centralized network can make managing IT security difficult. However, effective management and support of end-user connections with effective tools and IT security assessment services are necessary.

Secure The Cloud

Research shows that 94% of businesses are using the cloud in their day-to-day activities. Securing your organization's cloud and the data that is stored within is incredibly important. Cloud platforms are forever changing and innovating. Securing them with the assistance of managed IT security service providers will lead to greater security in the workplace.

Simplify and Reduce Cost Where You Can

Although cutting back on security service IT spending can have grave consequences for a business, it is important to make your security solutions as accessible as possible. 
This accessibility will help support your team against the risk of dangerous intruders and secure your working environment.

Your dedicated IT Partner

As IT demands grow in just about every organization, the future of IT solutions will require the perfect mix of equipment, managed, and cloud services. As one of the leading IT security services companies, we’ve built our business on being able to deliver adaptive and responsive solutions that fit within your budget.


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Partners In Fighting Cyber-crime

To increase our response to cyber-attacks, we have partnered with some of the biggest names in IT security managed services to ensure that you can effectively defend your organization.  Our partners are industry-leading IT security services providers that can offer you a wide range of effective solutions to network problems, endpoint weaknesses, and cloud defences.

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