Data Center Relocation & Moving Services

Save time and effort with Quadbridge’s data center relocation services.

Reduce Downtime with Efficient Data Center Relocation Services

Get industry-leading data center moving services that keep your technology safe while getting the job done.

Why choose Quadbridge for data center relocation services?

  • Keep your data secure with extensive testing prior to relocation.
  • Put safety first with data destruction services that protect your data from unauthorized use.
  • Get fast results with our quick and efficient equipment relocations and setup.
  • Get a tailored experience with data center consulting project managers that create a moving plan catered to you.
  • Move at your own pace with multi- and single-phase data center relocation options.
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Why Clients Choose Quadbridge for
Data Center Moving Services

A year ago Quadbridge reached out to me and promised quick replies, fast deliveries and competitive prices. One year later, Quadbridge has not only fulfilled their promises but they have went above and beyond to provide great customer service. My Rep Alex Harper is there for us 24/7 and always provides us with the right products that fits our company needs. Regardless the ask, Alex always has a solution and even connects you with experts in the field to help answer the technical questions. It has been a pleasure working with Quadbridge!

“We have been using Quadbridge for the last year as a primary supplier of hardware and software for our growing company in the hospitality industry. I have nothing but glowing comments in regards to the exemplary support I have received form my Account Manager. Any time I request a quote, a product change, or have a support issue I receive almost immediate attention and a very rapid resolution even though, I am sure, we are not their largest account by far. If you are in the market for a highly responsive reseller that will treat you as though you are their most important account, you cannot go wrong with Quadbridge.”

Quadbridge is been one of Goodfood main IT providers since the beginning, and I can honestly say that I can't think of something to complain about. In all our transactions you have always delivered to our expectations and never hesitated to correct issues presented to ou by use on any order placed. The relation that I have with Nicolas allows a transparent and honest trade in each request that we have for him. He's not afraid, to tell the truth when the competitors' offers are better priced and always offer services to compensate for this difference.  Thanks for your services so far

Not much time to spare these days as you know but there would be so much more to do without your help.  Not sure if this works for you but still want you to know that we appreciate your help.

Coordinating the multitude of our tasks and projects has been made so much simpler by the effectiveness and reliability of  our Quadbridge rep.  In a time when customer-oriented service seems rare it is refreshing to receive such conscientious care.

Benefit from Quadbridge’s
Data Center Relocation Services

Build a Custom Relocation Plan

Your business has unique needs when it comes to relocations and data center migration services. 

That’s why we make it a point to have an in-depth planning process for our clients that helps us transport equipment safely and effectively. 

This plan includes:

  • Finding an optimal destination for relocation
  • Determining the time and monetary costs to your business
  • Creating an in-depth checklist that accounts for potential setbacks
  • Pre and post-migration testing to ensure compatibility and functionality of all equipment and software

13+ Years Experience

Leverage our 13 years of experience in successful data center relocation services.

Our team members have carried out several complex relocation projects. They will ensure the secure transportation of your server equipment and a fast installation process.  

Downtime can seriously affect your day-to-day operations. We aim to complete the move and reinstallation as quickly as possible to help you maintain business continuity.

400+ Leading Partnerships

The data center relocation process may require the purchasing of new hardware and software.

Fortunately, Quadbridge has you covered with industry-leading data center suppliers, including:

  • Dell
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • HPE
  • Lenovo
  • And many more

Benefit from competitive pricing on network equipment and software in the event that it becomes necessary.

Trust Us with Sensitive Equipment

Poorly-handled relocations can result in hardware and software failure and improper setup. 

That’s why we have the specialized equipment and services to get your technology from point A to point B in one piece.

Ongoing Support for Businesses

Get proactive support from an IT company that assists your business after providing data center relocation services.

Looking for Reliable Data Center Relocation and Moving Services?

Our professional team helps you safely relocate your data center.

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Why Partner with Quadbridge for Reliable Data Center Moving Services?
13 years
Experience assisting clients with data center relocation
4 Times
Ranked in the Growth 500 list for fastest growing companies
Leading industry partnerships
Data Center Relocation Services

Successful Data Center Relocation with Minimal Downtime

While data center relocation is sometimes a necessity, it often leads to downtime. 

Our goal is to help you reduce the time you spend offline with a service that makes the process as efficient as possible while mitigating major risk factors. 

We do this by providing you with:

  • Over a decade of experience
  • Reliable service from our highly trained data center services team
  • Dedication and precision that ensures a smooth relocation process