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Create A Productive Working Environment for Employees Anywhere

Restricting workspaces to an office is not a reality anymore. Improve your employee experience and productivity with greater flexibility through the digital workplace.

As employees start to come back to the office, organizations have to recognize that not everyone will be returning. The management of remote solutions through digital workplace technology will bring your business into the exciting world of hybrid workspaces.

A growing number of remote workers

The digital workplace is becoming more common - 1 in 4 Americans are currently working from home. 80% of them expect to continue working from home at least 3 days a week in the future. Getting the tools for effective management of your digital workplaces is necessary for employees expecting flexibility.

Effective collaboration without face-to-face meetings

Opening your workspace up to allow for collaboration from different locations is key to making the most out of your remote workforce. Real- time communication over your platform of choice can increase your teams' happiness, bring more productivity to your company, and create a more efficient future. To do that, you need the best tools available.

What are the Challenges of the Digital Workplace?

Moving to a remote workplace comes with challenges. Some of the biggest worries for business leaders include:

Effective communication

Is it possible to have meaningful feedback and planning sessions over apps? Without face-to-face meetings, some managers may feel that communication can break down. Avoiding that involves developing remote workplace-ready environments, including effective communication software like Microsoft 365 and Office 365 which provide an integrated productivity suite.

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Breakdowns in collaboration

An inability to have physical meetings means that collaborating in real-time can be more difficult. It's not as easy to discuss ideas as a team. But collaboration tools are becoming easier to find and effectively implement. Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex help you and your team to host meetings, call or chat from your mobile device or PC.

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Data security

Many businesses are improving cybersecurity. But placing sensitive data in the hands of remote workers can lead to significant problems for businesses. Securing your sensitive information in the cloud is a top priority for many companies and is key to success for telecommuters.

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Long-term effects of an over-reliance on collaboration software

Although digital workplace resources have been available for decades, the infrastructure has not always been in place. There are now a variety of devices, solutions, and apps that will support collaborative work and improve productive workflows. With its consultative approach, Quadbridge will find the right solution for your company.

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The Digital Workplace in Statistics

Your workplace and employee satisfaction can be greatly improved by making the move to a digital workplace. In Deloitte's "The digital workplace: Think, share, do" presentation, effective management of digital workspaces leads to greater employee satisfaction, shows a growing desire amongst employees for flexible work times, and that productivity and efficiency are better over the long term.

What do the statistics say about the digital workplace?

  • 61% of employees said they do not need to be in an office to work productively. (Cisco)
  • 66% of employees around the world said that working online and away from an office would make them consider taking a lower-paid job. (Cisco)
  • Employee productivity is 7% higher in organizations with strong social networks. (Harvard Business Review)
  • Communication through instant messaging is preferred over emails and team workspaces by modern employees. (The Social Workplace)

Digital Workplace Solutions

Quadbridge offers a range of workplace technology that allows for effective remote workplace services. Whether you need headsets for easier communication or collaboration software to help you host meetings and chat in real-time, Quadbridge can create a custom service just for you.

Our integrated IT solutions help increase employee engagement, improve collaborative remote work, and use the best collaborative tools to make sure that physical location isn't a barrier to success.

The new age of videoconferencing tools

With 76% of the workforce using videoconferencing at least once a week, getting the best platform helps with effective communication for your employees. The Jabra Panacast and the Logitech Room Solutions for Teams Rooms are 2 smart cameras that will help your company to get the best out of videoconferencing tools like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex.

Digital whiteboards for remote collaborative work

Make any workspace a team workspace with digital whiteboards. Mixed physical and remote office structures allow for a physical team to easily meet with remote workers in real-time. A task can be shared and discussed with telecommuters while still providing a management solution that allows conversation, project collaboration, and engagement.

Improve business efficiency with peripherals

Sometimes a laptop isn't enough. Peripherals help your company to access a greater range of functions. Technology such as smart cameras, microphones, and headsets improve videoconferences, call centre work, and everything in between.

Your dedicated IT Partner

Quadbridge is an award-winning, full-service IT solution partner that has been supplying hardware and software solutions to medium and large enterprise clients in the US and Canada. Our range of digital workplace solutions will allow you to open your workspace in a secure, powerful way.

Planning ahead for a modern Workplace

Identify your needs and establish your digital-readiness before making the next steps. Consult with our experienced team to find out what you need to create a productive, effective digital workspace.

Build a platform perfect for you

Create a custom strategy for the company's needs. Do you only need hardware or fully integrated digital workplace solution support? Our account managers are experienced in delivering digital solutions to aid management and to improve the employee experience.

Train for Success

Prepare your workers for the jump to the digital workplace with continuous professional development. An effective move to the digital workplace needs your employees to understand the platform - train them well and watch them succeed.

Measure, Reflect, Improve

Understand how effective your digital workplace implementations are and plan for improvement. Whether your team needs further training, new hardware, or innovative software integrations, we can help.

Partners in the Management of the Digital Workplace

Thanks to our partners, we can offer some of the best hardware and software solutions to make the transition to a digital workplace easier for you, your employees, and your customers. Whether you need help with creating a new online workplace or the management of your current workspace, we offer the best solutions to support you.

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