10 Ways Digitization Is Setting Supply Chains Ahead of Change

September 30, 2021
July 21, 2022
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Implementing a digital supply chain is no longer an optional solution. It is necessary because as customer demands continue to rapidly increase, you need to be equipped with accurate visibility into your supply chain to prevent surprises and mistakes from progressing into operations. Nevertheless, studies show that most enterprises only have 20% visibility into its supply chain, as opposed to the 70% to 90% needed to address key points of volatility where revenue and costs are at risk. Additionally, 84% of chief supply chain officers stated that lack of visibility across the supply chain is the biggest challenge they face. Consequently, choosing to digitize your business workflows with solutions from Zebra Technologies and Quadbridge help operations enhance their competitive edge by enabling...

  1. Increased data visibility - Increasing digitization in your supply chain creates higher asset visibility. When you maximize data visibility, you simplify the way your supply chain monitors, displays, and analyzes data on your assets and shipments. Higher data visibility and access also leads to more informed business decisions. For example, Zebra’s Android handheld computers connect workers to a shared database where they can monitor inventory levels in real-time, turning visibility into profitability since they can optimize stock levels, increase demand fulfillment and avoid stockouts.
  2. Better responses to evolving customer expectations - Today’s customers have a much lower tolerance for wrong orders than in previous years.  Digitization can ensure your operations get faster when customer demands get higher. This is because digitization helps you transform your warehouse operations, order fulfillment, and shipping with real-time inventory management.
  3. Boosted efficiency - Enhanced technology as a result of digitization empowers your customers and employees with real-time visibility of stock levels in your warehouse. This gives your customers higher confidence in your operation. When your employees are supplied with this level of visibility, they can pinpoint errors and avoid stockouts and overstocking, securing a healthy bottom line.
  4. Proactive preparation for eventual changes in demand - Increasing your visibility, technology, inventory management, and consistently adapting to customer expectations creates an atmosphere where your supply chain can project future needs. Zebra’s RFID technology and inventory tracking solutions accurately manage your critical assets to boost your operation’s productivity and efficiency. Moreover, RFID’s real-time tracking helps deliver unprecedented visibility for smarter, faster business decisions to optimize your business performance.
  5. Shareable record of sales and inventory numbers - Relying on intelligent solutions instead of manual solutions will keep your inventory more accurate. Accurate inventory eliminates incidents where assets are misplaced or lost, so your customers consistently get the right products and are never promised out-of-stock items.
  6. Facilitated worker mobility - When you choose to digitize your supply chain, technology such as mobile computers and tablets are implemented into your operations. The trend for mobile computers and tablets in warehouses will continue to increase due to the increase in customer demands. In fact, 73% of organizations plan to begin modernization by equipping workers with mobile devices today. Zebra’s mobile computers and tablets are specifically designed to provide excellent performance in  challenging environments like warehouses.
  7. Improved collaboration and innovation - Digitization breaks down the boundaries in your organization by providing a centralized location for all your files. This ensures that your employees have the access to the right files and content at the right time. Connected digitally, administrators, warehouse workers, and drivers are able to efficiently and quickly conduct transitions, communicate, schedule shipment pickups, and trace the goods.
  8. Improved digital security - Digitally transforming your enterprise makes operations safer by implementing reliable technology for stronger communication. Digital transformation also simplifies work scope and more accurately tracks and catalogs workflow hazards.  Security apps similar to Zebra LifeGuard boost data protection with recurrent patches for enhanced software features, usability, and performance.
  9. Improved mobile application experiences - Digitally transforming your supply chain will supply your workers with more reliable technology that performs at a higher level as more devices are now built with digitized reporting in mind along with ease of use and durability.
  10. Sustainable operations that minimize the carbon footprint -  Digitization is great to eliminate paper-based, manual systems. By eliminating the need for manual systems, operations minimize waste, support eco-friendly operations, and maintain a sustainable business where secured data sharing is possible with the push of a button.

Digitization can help your business meet customer demands while improving your efficiency and productivity. Contact us at Quadbridge today for solutions that help digitize and prepare your supply chain for evolving demands.

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