5 Ways to Secure Real-Time Communication in Supply Chains without Dramatically Increasing Costs

March 1, 2022
July 21, 2022
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Keeping your workforce connected without dramatically increasing your cost is a difficult, yet critical process for supply chains. A connected workforce means that information flows freely, so frontline workers are more informed about tasks and assets. Smooth, real-time communication helps streamline productivity. In fact, employee productivity increases by 20 to 25% in organizations where employees are connected, and organizations with effective communication are 3.5 times more likely to outperform competitors. Additionally, a workplace without real-time communication and inefficient technology can cause confusion, stress, downtime, and employee dissatisfaction. 

To keep your storefront and distribution center running efficiently, your employees need and deserve effective mobility solutions that deliver streamlined communication, maximize worker comfort, and lower the total cost of ownership. That’s why Zebra and Quadbridge partner to streamline communication workflows and minimize TCO with Workforce Connect and rugged technologies. To boost wireless connectivity and effectively manage your mobile devices, the following technologies have proven useful:  

  1. Automatic data capture - Update data points quickly with Zebra’s SimulScan and intelligent scanning solutions that take data capture automation to the next level. Automatic data capture eliminates the need to manually enter data and therefore eliminates room for errors and illegibility. This enhances communication because critical information is smoothly captured and exchanged throughout your supply chain. 
  2. Digitized data processing - Implementing Zebra’s rugged mobile computers and industry-leading, ultra-rugged scanners help decrease the total cost of ownership and boost real-time communication because tougher devices require less maintenance as opposed to other consumer devices. More maintenance can hurt order fulfillment rates with increased downtime, which slows workforce connectivity. Additionally, durable technology helps your workers meet rising e-commerce demands and tough warehouse conditions with faster scanning performance. 
  3. Embedded push-to-talk communication - Improve decision-making in groups with Workforce Connect’s secure messaging and push-to-talk capabilities that eliminate hurdles. This boosts productivity and gives workers instant communication. 
  4. Flexible connectivity options - Implementing newer devices like Zebra’s touch computers and rugged tablets offers a flexible range of connectivity options. You can choose between WiFi, cellular, LTE, and 5G connectivity options. This enables field teams to quickly adjust to long-range communication when one outlet is no longer suitable for their working conditions. 
  5. Fortified Android for Enterprise - Strengthening the digital security of your mobile devices boosts real-time communication and lengthens device lifecycles because it implements innovative software updates and accurately tracks asset data. Enhanced software can help simplify connectivity capabilities and ensure your devices last longer. That’s why many businesses choose Android. Android devices like Zebra’s MC9300 mobile computer last longer, come equipped with stronger security, and accurately track data to simplify communication and last longer. Additionally, Android’s user-friendly design reduces training times and simplifies app integration. This empowers your workers with more ways to communicate without burdening IT teams to help with devices. 

Rugged devices and reliable communication solutions help secure real-time communication and strengthen device lifecycles. Contact us at Quadbridge today to see solutions that streamline connectivity and efficiently manage your mobile devices.

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