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Quadbridge expertise improves IBM i security posture

February 28, 2023
March 22, 2023
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Quadbridge expertise improves IBM i security posture

When Brydens Trinidad & Tobago needed guidance on securing their multiple IBM i environments, they trusted the experts at Quadbridge. Working in partnership, Quadbridge defined and drove their path to IBM i security.

Client profile

  • Employees: 250-500
  • Industry: Wholesale


  • IBM i Security Assessment
  • Security Remediation
  • Enforcive Security
  • Professional Services

The challenge

  • The client was working to improve their security practices across the organization
  • The client operated a large environment involving 6 IBM i environments
  • The client had the skill on their team to maintain their IBM environments but did not have deep expertise in IBM i security and best practices

Our solution

  • To understand the current state of their security, Quadbridge proposed and was contracted to complete our IBM i risk assessment
  • Following our unique IBM specific methodology, we reviewed the clients 6 environments. We produced a comprehensive report for each environment and presented our findings and recommendations
  • Brydens agreed with our advice and approach. They decided to further contract Quadbridge for the following two services:
  • Enforcive and Related Services: the client subscribed to the Enforcive security software solution along with our implementation and ongoing support and log review services
  • Remediation Services: Quadbridge’s IBM security experts are completing a phase 1 remediation project to address a range of high priority vulnerabilities through configurations, updates, clean-up, and other foundational work. We have planned for and anticipate a phase 2 remediation project as well
  • As a result of our partnership, Brydens has gained a better understanding of their IBM security, has closed a number critical vulnerabilities, and has more control over their environment

Client feedback

“Quadbridge has quickly become a trusted extension of our team. They have been a wealth of IBM knowledge and skill and have brought us the expertise we needed. Instead of wondering, we now know how we’re vulnerable and what we need to do – and it’s all thanks to Quadbridge.”

Quadbridge outperforms with end-to-end IT solutions and managed services

Client profile

Industry: Environmental
Employees: 25-50

✓ Managed IT

✓ Managed M365

✓ Managed Backup

✓ Professional Service

✓ Managed Endpoint

After supporting Waterloo Biofilter with an office move, they quickly switched fromtheir current Managed Services Provider to Quadbridge. We now manage their entireIT environment and support their end-to-end IT needs.

The challenge

  • The client was un happy with their MSP
  • The client needed a partner who was responsive, proactive, and would implement IT best practices for their organization
  • They needed onsite and report support for ongoing IT management activities as well as complex, specialized projects

Our solution

• Quadbridge worked with the client to implement our Elite IT service thatprovides ongoing IT monitoring and management, responsive help desk,proactive service, and vCIO consulting

• We’ve become a fully trusted partner and have proactively led a number ofinitiatives to improve performance and advance their IT, including thefollowing services:

• Managed Cloud Backup: we optimized their backup strategy with anaccessible, cost-efficient cloud-based backup solution that our teamcontinuously monitors and assists with restore requests.

• Infrastructure Architecture: we upgraded their server infrastructure toimprove redundancy and performance – especially for employees workingremotely.

• Ad Hoc Requests: as the clients’ IT support, our team uses our range ofexpertise and onsite support capabilities to deliver on a range of simple andcomplex IT projects. These have included upgrading their conference roomsystems and completing a functional and aesthetic clean up of their cabling

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