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Quadbridge modernizes insurance company with IBM Power cloud solutions

March 3, 2023
April 3, 2023
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Quadbridge modernizes insurance company with IBM Power cloud solutions

When a large Canadian insurance company needed to integrate with an acquired company, they trusted the expertise, quality services, and project management of Quadbridge to help them move, manage, and secure core applications in the cloud.

Client profile

  • Employees: 15,000+
  • Industry: Insurance


  • Cloud
  • Managed IT
  • Business Continuity
  • Data Protection
  • Consulting
  • Project Services

The challenge

  • The client acquired another company.
  • The client needed to make strategic technology integration decisions and execute on them in alignment with an overarching integration timeline.
  • The client needed the acquired company’s environment to comply with their strict security, reliability and availability requirements.
  • The client was unfamiliar with the IBM i platform that the acquired company operated core applications on.
  • The client was in the process of rolling out an advanced cloud security tool that needed to cover their entire environment.

Our solution

Quadbridge was selected as the client’s IT solutions consultant with special expertise in IBM i. We worked with the client to help them identify their needs and presented multiple solution options.

The client opted to maintain the IBM i environment and modernize it to fit with their IT strategy, requirements and practices by subscribing to the following Quadbridge services:

  • IBM i Cloud Hosting: we replaced their on-premise servers with cloud hosting to meet their data center requirements and transform their cost structure to a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Managed Cloud Backup: we replaced their tape backup with a reliable and accessible cloud-based backup solution that our team continuously monitors and assists with restoring from.
  • Managed Disaster Recovery: we implemented a DR-as-a-Service solution to support the client in maintaining operations and minimizing data loss in the event of a disaster.
  • Managed Patch, PTF and Upgrades: our IBM i experts took on responsibility for reviewing and managing patch, program temporary files, and upgrades to keep their IBM i systems up-to-date to avoid issues and potential security risks.
  • Professional Services: we leveraged our deep IBM i and IT expertise to custom code configurations that allowed the client’s selected cloud security tool to communicate with and cover this new IBM i cloud environment.

Quadbridge was project manager on the implementation of these services and executed a seamless cloud migration in alignment with the client’s unique requirements and merger timeline.

Quadbridge outperforms with end-to-end IT solutions and managed services

Client profile

Industry: Environmental
Employees: 25-50

✓ Managed IT

✓ Managed M365

✓ Managed Backup

✓ Professional Service

✓ Managed Endpoint

After supporting Waterloo Biofilter with an office move, they quickly switched fromtheir current Managed Services Provider to Quadbridge. We now manage their entireIT environment and support their end-to-end IT needs.

The challenge

  • The client was un happy with their MSP
  • The client needed a partner who was responsive, proactive, and would implement IT best practices for their organization
  • They needed onsite and report support for ongoing IT management activities as well as complex, specialized projects

Our solution

• Quadbridge worked with the client to implement our Elite IT service thatprovides ongoing IT monitoring and management, responsive help desk,proactive service, and vCIO consulting

• We’ve become a fully trusted partner and have proactively led a number ofinitiatives to improve performance and advance their IT, including thefollowing services:

• Managed Cloud Backup: we optimized their backup strategy with anaccessible, cost-efficient cloud-based backup solution that our teamcontinuously monitors and assists with restore requests.

• Infrastructure Architecture: we upgraded their server infrastructure toimprove redundancy and performance – especially for employees workingremotely.

• Ad Hoc Requests: as the clients’ IT support, our team uses our range ofexpertise and onsite support capabilities to deliver on a range of simple andcomplex IT projects. These have included upgrading their conference roomsystems and completing a functional and aesthetic clean up of their cabling

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