Inflation is Disrupting Supply Chains. How will Your Operations Respond?

October 17, 2022
March 13, 2023
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A combination of higher inflation rates and persistent shortages continues to challenge supply chains. Higher inflation increases the costs of production, shipping, raw materials, energy, and transportation, which severely impacts businesses. Furthermore, these costs can slow the rates of production, shipping, and transportation, ultimately stalling supply chains.


Studies show that global shipping costs are almost 5 times higher than pre-pandemic, accounting for as much as 40% inflation. Overall, higher shipping costs from inflation can cause a higher demand for assets, which causes more downtime and quickly drains operational efficiency. Inflation rates, shipping costs, and disruptions force businesses to find new, proactive solutions. New technologies offer enhanced features that can implement innovation to help manage inflation.


Moreover, innovative technology also helps create scalable operations to drive new sources of growth. It is essential to act now and gain a competitive advantage to beat the inflation-disruption cycle and minimize expenses. A demand for proactive problem-solving is why 73% of organizations plan to begin modernization by equipping workers with mobile devices. The right modernization strategy can create scalable operations in the supply chain to minimize disruptions and the impacts of inflation. To decide what to look for in a proper modernization strategy, consider the following:

  1. Choose devices that empower your workers - Consistent performance empowers your workers to boost productivity. When enterprise technology comes with the right tools for portability, like hot-swappable batteries, devices can empower workers with dependable performance that lasts a complete shift. Enterprise tablets last an entire shift, so workers can avoid stress and don’t have to stop or switch devices. The memory, storage, high processing power, and long-lasting battery from enterprise tech minimize disruptions.
  2. Give your teams the ability to connect, collaborate, and communicate quickly - Increased accessibility and connectivity with enterprise technology can help workers effectively communicate about tasks and challenges. Decreased employee engagement from disconnected workforces cannot help managing inflation costs and disruptions. Instead, disconnected employees can increase costs and slow down productivity. Wireless connectivity isn’t a problem with enterprise devices because constant signals are ensured with suitable antennas and wireless features.
  3. Deliver reliable performance even in the most demanding environments - Rugged reliability is a staple in enterprise devices. Supply chain workers in unpredictable environments demand powerful devices. Businesses need enterprise devices because they last longer to deliver a high ROI. A high ROI manages higher costs from inflation and cuts down on disruptions. Enterprise tech is built to consistently perform in extreme temperatures, high humidity, and after heavy use.


Devices that empower shifts, connect teams, and withstand challenges manage the inflation and disruption cycle. Contact us today to learn more about how you can reduce the impacts of inflation in your supply chain.

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