Is Managed Services the Right fit for you?

March 1, 2023
March 13, 2023
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Is Managed Services the right fit for you?

Big or small, all businesses share the same goals for their IT: they want to enable and empower their teams, secure and protect their intellectual property and confidential information, avoid unplanned downtime, and minimize risks – all at the lowest cost possible. This is not an easy feat for anyone. In execution, many businesses end up falling behind, spending on the wrong technologies, becoming vulnerable, and with in-house IT resources who are stretched thin and well beyond their area of expertise.

Today IT is truly a specialty. It is incredibly complex, quickly progressing, and constantly broadening. For these reasons, IT management is best done at scale by specialized teams of seasoned professionals. Managed Services is the way for organizations to realize the benefits of scale for themselves without building out a disproportionally large in-house IT department. Join the 64% of SMB’s who are currently outsourcing at least some of their IT management.

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33x faster

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102 day

gap between patches for known vulnerabilities becoming available and being applied

Source: Ponemon Institute

Solving your IT frustrations

1. Lack of accountability

  • No single entity takes responsibility for IT
  • When something goes wrong or your IT falls behind, fingers get pointed


  • Undefined expectations
  • Limited or difficult to take recourse when something goes wrong
  • Overstretched internal resources and/or reliance on multiple vendors

Our solution

  • Guaranteed service agreements
  • Reputable partner who takes responsibility
  • Single vendor with the breadth to handle all IT needs

2. Lack of control over IT costs

  • IT costs don’t smoothly scale with the business
  • Unexpected investments arise


  • Fixed costs for internal resources
  • Locked in MSP contracts
  • Confusing MSP agreements with hidden fees and overage charges
  • Lack of IT planning

Our solution

  • Flexible contracts
  • All-inclusive services
  • As-a-service solutions so you only pay for what you need
  • Included consulting for future planning

3. Chronic IT issues and downtime

  • Similar incidents happen again and again
  • IT interruptions or failures happen frequently costing time, money and productivity


  • Surface level incident investigation
  • No ability to conduct proper trending and issue avoidance
  • Insufficient resources and processes to recover quickly

Our solution

  • Disciplined and proven incident investigation processes
  • Ongoing monitoring and preventative maintenance for issue avoidance
  • Large team available on demand for quick issue resolution

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